Five Cube Developers

Five Cube Developers has been at the forefront of Kerala’s luxury real estate market, delivering residential and custom made residential properties across the region.Making its mark at the highest end of stylish living, Five Cube Developers has cemented its place as the leading luxury developer in the region, having delivered over 300,000 square feet homes including rental villas which is exclusively managed by Five Cube Property Management Team.

A passion to design structures and inspiring designs from the times of yore were the factors that led to foundation of Five cube builders.
Anyone can engineer and anyone can construct but the difference is the Factor called Five Cube Builders. Relentless perfection, commitment to
Landscape Design is one of the core areas of Five cube builders. With multi-level, multi layers projects both completed and ongoing
To be involved in the whole lifecycle of a project and the turnaround time has been the major pointers with Five cube builders.

Who is behind the best architecture services in town & FAQ

We at Five cube have a very simple process of involving our clients in the whole course of construction.
Depending on the budget of the customers and clients, their requirement and their expectations an open round of brainstorming is done by the team of Five Cube builders to provide the best possible tangible and clairvoyant solution for the budget put forward by the Clients. Since the turnaround time,
cost of material and labour charges are many a times proportionate of the India’s current market scenario, a very viable and tailored budget can be presented for the cost of services of our Architect.

In order to understand the process of involvement of architects in the project , Five cube
builder’s team of architects involve themselves in the initial stages of the development to the handing over phase. It is always advisable to garner the services of an architect as it saves cost,
time and resources. The resources in the end can be used for a better purpose of refurbishment, remodeling or recasting new designs which are usually the end products of final interior design and development stage. Our professional architects are the best in the industry but they are the most economical for the services provided by them during the development phase of the project.

Unless you are a qualified architect or a civil engineer by profession, it is always advisable to get the services of an Architect as it is your hard earned money that goes into realizing your dream of owning your own house. The job of the architect would be to advise you on how best to use your resources like space utilization, structure erection, area diversification, texture selection just to name a few as these days the climate and location plays a major role in designing a house. But again there is no hard and fast rule to engage the services of an architect.

The answer lies mostly in the above FAQ. Maximum utilization of the area, wastage control, labour cost control, resources utilization to the maximum are the few concepts our Architects specialize in. Turnaround time plays a very important role and hence the resource utilization optimization helps our architects save time and money and deliver the projects on time.

Why choose Five Cube Developers?

When planning to build a new home or undertake a renovation, there are two schools of thought about how to approach it. One is the design-bid-build approach, where you appoint an architect or professional designer to design your home and then put it out to construction contractors for tender. You then select the contractor with the best bid to build your home. The other approach is to use the services of a design builder with the in-house expertise to manage the entire project from design through to clean up. This is by far the most effective approach and there are five compelling reasons why you should work with a design builders.

Single Point of Contact

A design builder takes on the role of project manager right from the conceptual design stage, coordinating the architecture and construction.

Save Time

The design build process eliminates the bidding stage, thereby saving significant time. There is a seamless progression from design to construction.

Save Money

At the design stage, the contractor will consult and brief members of the construction team – who can provide valuable input – while advising

Better Communication and Teamwork

With everything under one roof, the design and construction staff work
as a team, with one goal in mind.